About Strataco Marketing

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Strataco Marketing is led by Stephen D’Agostino. He is an award-winning copywriter with 12 years of expertise in advertising pharmaceuticals, computer hardware, medical textbooks, personal care products, cultural experiences, and content marketing.

Pharmaceutical—People over patients

Compelling data, an innovative mechanism of action, or safety information doesn’t mean a thing if people don’t understand. I’ve worked as a copy professional in pharmaceutical advertising for nearly 10 years. In that time, I’ve honed my skills in making complex medical concepts easy to understand.

Art & Artists—People over pedantic

I am a lover of the arts. I am not a critic. My goal in writing both promotional material, content marketing, and articles is accessibility. I strive to make an emotional connection between the art lover, the art, and the artist who created it.

Content Marketing—People over purchase

Of course you want people—customers—to buy your product. But why just once? Making a person a repeat buyer starts with them finding value in the expertise you offer. This value can turn to loyalty and repeat business.

Other writing passions

I am a storyteller at heart. Like the artist behind the art, there is a person and a story behind the shop, community organization, place and non-profit. Knowing the story behind an institution increases customer interaction. It also helps customers understand and appreciate the place they call home, the place they want to visit, the place that is worth going out of the way to find.

Strategy and Tactics

Great copy is fine, but if it doesn’t fit into the bigger picture, it’s just a bunch of unguided words. Strataco Marketing can help you analyze and build your marketing strategy. We can also help you plan and implement your tactics to improve your sales and name recognition.

Client List

American College of Surgeons
American College of Physicians
American Symphony Orchestra
Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
Eisai Inc

Grosbeak Gardens Soaps & Candles
Henderson’s Garden Center
Hewlett Packard
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

The Phillips Collection (Washington DC)
Pfizer Inc
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated
Woodstock Economic Development Commission