Client: Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated


People with CF have a heavy treatment burden, often requiring time-consuming routines, both morning and evening, that include several oral medications, inhaled treatments, chest percussion, and more. These routines can take up to two hours to complete. It’s easy for people to forget if they’ve taken a certain medicine or completed a treatment. It’s also easy for a people to decide to not take treatment if they are feeling well or to lose motivation in times when they’re symptoms are increasing and their health is getting worse.

CFDaily allows people with CF to better manage their treatment burden by creating routines and reminders for those routines. They can create reports on adherence to share with their doctors, and earn points and badges to help them stay motivated.

As the writer, I crafted simple instructions on how to use the different components of the app, fun and clever badges and tips to help people stay motivated. Knowledgeable as I am about CF treatment, I also helped devise the proper order and flow for creating routines and reports.


Client: Pfizer Inc

Acromegaly is a rare condition. Its symptoms can be mistaken for many other conditions. As a result, it can take several years for a diagnosis. Once people are diagnosed, it may take a while to find a treatment that reduces symptoms. People with acromegaly can use AcroTracker to track their acromegaly symptoms and their daily injections if they are taking the SOMAVERT, the Pfizer treatment for acromegaly. Using AcroTracker, people can also generate reports showing their adherence and symptom severity. These reports can facilitate better conversations with the doctor.