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Classical music and painting, to me, are two of the greatest forms of artistic expression. Living in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and New York City, I was exposed to both forms of art. Using the passion I had for these art forms, I worked with prestigious clients to help others become aware of great exhibits and performances so that they, too, could share the experience.

Client: The Phillips Collection

The Phillips Collection is a destination for art lovers and residents of Washington DC. The museum’s unique philosophy on exhibitions makes it possible for them to display art and installations that go beyond expectations. These ads, displayed at bus stops and Metro stations, and on their website were meant to entice, education and excite potential museum goers.



Client: Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center is a destination for lovers of performance art, including chamber music. Chamber Music Society concerts feature a small number of musicians in an intimate setting, giving patrons the opportunity to experience the talent of each performer and the ensemble as a whole. With few words and a close-shot image, this ad captures that experience.


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Apart from advertising art shows and concerts, I have written several articles about artists for catalogs and periodicals.

Client: Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis Massachusetts, and the Hans Hofmann Trust

Haynes Ownby was an abstract painter active in Provincetown, Massachusetts and New York City from the 1950s to 2000. In 2001, the Cape Cod Museum of Art held a retrospective of his work. Through the Hans Hoffman Trust, I was asked to write a profile of the artist, focusing on the early years of his career.


Client: Newspapers in Boston and New York

Instead of writing as an art critic, I wrote articles about the artists that told stories about their inspirations. Though I described the art, the goal was not to critique it. Instead, the purpose was to point out the artists’ ideas, motivations, and struggles, thus making them and the art more approachable.

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