Client: Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

Studies show that people with cystic fibrosis (CF) and parents of children with CF are motivated information seekers regarding the disease, causes, and symptoms. They want to know what is happening in their body that causes the symptoms of CF. They want to know how a treatment can help them.

ORKAMBI is a groundbreaking drug that treats the cause, not the symptoms, of the most common CF gene mutation. For people to fully appreciate how ORKAMBI works and how it can help them, they need to understand CF as never before. They need to understand how the genetic mutations that cause CF disrupt normal cell function and the consequences of that disruption. They also need to understand how ORKAMBI helps to minimize the disruptions caused by CF and how it can improve their symptoms.

The video “How ORKAMBI Works” explains the cellular disruption and the mechanism of action of ORKAMBI using simple language and simple illustrations while not being too simple as to seem either condescending or to misrepresent the severity of the disease.



” Stephen is able to grasp highly complex scientific data and—through the use of simple language and imagery—transform it into communications that are easily understood by all audiences.”

~ Mindi Nemeroff, SVP, Group Creative Director,
Copy, Patients & Purpose (formerly CDMI Connect)